STX Stallion 575

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Color - Red
STX and Schutt Sports, two companies on the cutting edge of sports equipment design and manufacturing, have joined forces to change the perspective on the traditional lacrosse helmet. Through the strategic fusion of a global leader in football helmets with the most trusted brand in lacrosse, a unique blend of style, protection and performance has been born.

New Forward Tilt Design
D30 is a patented, lightweight material with a unique molecular structure allowing it to remain soft and flexible in its natural state.
Upon impact, however, the molecules in D30 lock together to absorb and disperse impact energy, before returning to its soft, natural state.
The ABS material used in the Stallion 600 incorporates impact modifiers within the plastic for added strength.
The SUREFIT Air Liner is adjustable (pump included) and provides a more dynamic fit by placing the technology in the rear of the helmet. This allows it to form better to the contours of your head.
The adjustable EVA jaw pad incorporates TPU cushioning for impact absorption.
Type: Helmets