Field Rental

Lacrosse Field Rental

The Training area can be reserved in 30 minute segments when there are not programs going on.
The turfed training area can be divided into three seperate bays for shooting and wall ball. Barrier wall nets will be set up to seperate sections.

Materials available for use:



Barrier net

Shooting Gun

ladders/ hurdles


Reservations are encouraged and take priority. All items must be returned by the end of the session including picking up all balls. Running over scheduled time does incur additional field rental time (1.5 x five minute increments). 


Hot4Lax Lacrosse Center

21675 Doral Road, Suite A

Waukesha, WI 53186


Contact Coach Robin Buckley

Phone (262) 717-9996


Full Field

30 Minutes
1 Hour

Half Field

30 Minutes
1 Hour

Shooting Bay (1/3 of Court)

30 Minutes
1 Hour