Lax Sak Ball

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Color - Yellow

Lacrosse Training Balls sold as (1) Single Ball
Training balls are specially constructed to mimic the exact dimensions of a regulation weight lacrosse ball.The ball is highly durable and shock absorbent, and it's suitable for shooting at high speeds

  • Weight : 142 to 145 grams
  • Diameter: 64 mm
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, Confetti, USA, Donuts, Colorado, Crabs and other limited edition balls
  • IDEAL FOR PRACTICE - Allows new lacrosse players to feel more at ease and confident. The softer outer fabric is both less intimidating and doesn’t hurt as bad if you get hit by a ball.
  • SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT - Identical size and shape as a regulation lacrosse ball, but softer! Perfect for indoor and gym practices, Sak lacrosse practice balls are safe on hardwood floors and have less bounce with minimal rebounds.
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR - Can be used by all levels of lacrosse players. Soft lacrosse practice balls are great for indoor surfaces, outdoor practices, and training. Bounces less and has minimal rebounds so you spend less time chasing balls and more time training!
  • SOFTER BALL - Soft design really helps new players of the game. Shock absorbent and softer than regulation lacrosse balls help ease players into learning the movements and mechanics.
  • GOALIE TRAINING DRILLS - Works very well for indoor and outdoor goalie training drills! Lax Sax balls are easy to scoop up and you’ll have less fear of getting hit when in goal.