Maverik Axiom Vertex Mesh pocket

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Color - Black

The new Maverik Axiom women's lacrosse head strung with vertex mesh offers a hybrid pocket of mesh and vertex material for the best of both worlds. Built for the attacker and midfielder, this lacrosse head offers a high hold. The Axiom head has a strategically strung sweet spot for increased ball hold and a quicker release on the move. The mesh center runner increases ball control and pass/shot accuracy. The vertex side runners are made of a vertex material that keeps the mesh in place for a consistent pocket and won't bag out. These pockets are strung by the Cascade facility in Syracuse NY. The Axiom head has the minimum legal pinched face shape that channels the ball to the sweet spot for a quick release. The scoop shape is optimized for accurate passing and shooting. The shielded sidewall and scoop holes protect stringing from wear and tear. The stiff wall design delivers greater energy transfer during shooting. If you like a mesh pocket and want to shoot strong, this is sure a head to try! The Axiom shaft on this complete stick has a 1" traditional rounded octagon and is made out of a carbon composite matrix material. This shaft is super light and super strong. The matte finish and new molded butt-end design allows for ideal hand placement and no slippage.