Equipment Rental

Lacrosse Equipment Rental

Hot4Lax has been offering equipment rental for our boys and girls indoor and outdoor sessions for fourteen years.

We have sticks and goggles for girls; helmets, gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads for boys. Equipment is from top brands like STX, Mavorik, True, Gait, Debeer, Brine, Cascade and Harrow. Rent them individually or as a package.

If you are wary about purchasing equipment, rent our equipment on a per session basis until you get your own. Rentals can be rolled over to the next session. A new rental fee is needed for the rollover or the security deposit will be cashed.

Equipment can be picked up at our store in Waukesha during regular business hours. It should be returned by the last day of the session.It is the renters responsibility to return it to the Hot4Lax office by mail, foot or horseback if not returned at the last session.

Please complete form below prior to the start of the program by filling in your personal information, circling equipment needed and sending to HOT4LAX. At the fitting, our experienced staff will fill in the type of equipment and size as they outfit the player. Rental equipment can be purchased.

You are welcome to rollover the rental to the following session/season.Security Deposit - Two payments are typically collected at the rental - one for the rental of equipment and a second for the security deposit if the gear is not returned in a timely manner. Security deposit will be cashed if the equipment is not returned in good condition or if equipment is not returned by the due date. Credit card can be used for security deposit. Please forward a check to Hot4Lax for the full rental amount and security deposit. All rentals are run through Hot4Lax, LLC.
Late returns will incur a $25 late charge. Equipment rental is non-refundable.


Contact Coach Robin Buckley

Phone (262) 717-9996


Rental Rates

Arm Pads
Shoulder Pads
$35 - $60
Girls's Goggles

Rental Sessions

January to June 14th - All pads($85) and helmet($55/70/85)

Winter - November 1- March 1st

Spring - March 1st - June 14th

Summer - June 12th - August 13th 

Extended rental periods will be taken into consideration for rental from January to June. Prices will be modified for period specific.  

Summer Camp Rental - call for day camp rental - $25-45

Fall - August 25 - November 10th