Field Shield

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The Cascade Field Shield offers a protective face shield that can be easily attached & detached to a variety of Cascade Helmets with dual chinstrap snap integration and a two-point zip design. The Field Shield is intended for limited use and quick interchange on the sideline. Cascade utilizes a custom die-cut fit to ensure the Field Shield fits to any Cascade Helmet. The Anti-Fog Construction allows for constant airflow while playing to reduce fog and keep your eye on the ball. The Cascade Field Shield is sold exclusively in 3 packs allowing players to replace their shield once wear from play is visible.

 The only authorized shield for SEI-Certified cascade helmets

*This is for the adult-sized cascade helmets*
Adult size can be used on: S, R, CPXR, and CPVR helmets.
Youth size can be used on: CS, CSR, and S youth.

Type: Helmets