Gait Apex

Head Color

Apex head with Flex Mesh pocket and composite soft feel handle.

  • The Apex is BACK and even better! This marks the fourth addition to the Gait head suite and it certainly does not disappoint! In true Gait fashion we have reached back into the archives and simultaneously looked to the future to give you the New Apex.
  • The Apex combines the best qualities from the Air and Whip to bring you the perfect midfielders stick built for speed, control, balance and accuracy.
  • The Curved Offset is fine-tuned for the needs of a midfielder. By adjusting the grade of the angle the Apex gives both a superior front andlow pocket allowing you to carry the ball up the field with confidence and ease.
  • The double sidewall technology creates awider catching area with a narrow channel at the widest part of the head allowing for optimal sweet spot control.
  • Don’t forget about the latest and greatest pocket in the game today, the Flex Mesh by Laxpocket. The Flex Mesh provides multidirectional pocket shift helping you to catch and hold the ball like the superstar you are
  • Quick Description:
  • Curved Offset Technology gearedfor midfielders
  • Unrivaled front pocket for peak performance
  • Rail Flex Mesh provides unmatched pocket shift for control in every part of the head
  • Double sidewall technology creates awider catching area with a narrowedchannelpocket for optimal control
  • Ultimate scoop design for accuracy and ground ball pickups