String King Mark 2G - Goalie Head Strung

Color - White 2S
Head strung with String King Grizzly 2S.

The StringKing Mark 2G goalie lacrosse head was designed to give you faster hands. By eliminating unnecessary weight and optimizing the design, you get a lighter, more aerodynamic head to help you make more saves and quicker outlets. Strung up by the Pro's at StringKing with either 2S or 2X mesh, This goalie lacrosse head offers an unparalleled 42 stringing holes for unlimited options.

  • Ultra-stiff, light-weight design
  • Our Pro's think the optimized face shape will help you make more saves every time you get in front of a shot
  • Designed to gobble up those ground balls and make super accurate clears
  • Shortened throat to give you more control
  • PLEASE NOTE: This lacrosse head comes with a 2-square locking bolt technology. All pre-drilled holes on StringKing shafts will line up, other brands will need to be drilled. **LOCKING BOLTS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR STABILITY AND DURABILITY BUT ARE NOT NECESSARY. If you don't use the bolts, we recommend using a self-tapping screw in each hole.**
      Type: Goalie Gear