Viking Oz Pro - 2017

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The number 1 selling paddle of all time, the OZ Pro continues to be a proven performer in the sport. Built with the highest density foam and featuring a carbon mesh rim, the OZ Pro paddle is the heaviest within our line-up line and offers unmatched control and exceptional stability at contact, making it the preferred paddle for players who rely on their drives. Used by Jon Lubow.

Product Specs
Weight: 390g/13.8oz

Surface Area: 85 sq in.
Grip Size:4 1/4 in.
Grip: Durasoft+
Handle Length: Standard
Balance: Even
Core Density: High
Surface: Grit Length:18mm Beam: 19 mm
Weight: 13.8 oz.
Core Density: Mid+
Length: 18”
Beam: 19 mm
Head Surface Size: 85 Sq. in.
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4"