Viking Ozone Prodigy

At 10 grams (.4 oz) lighter than the O-Zone Lite, the O-Zone Prodigy returns to this year’s line-up and is the lightest model within the O-Zone family. Featuring Viking’s proprietary Vibration dampener, the O-Zone Prodigy’s lower weight is a result of its soft core density and the extra four holes enhancement. These factors result in enhanced power and optimal maneuverability, which make the O-Zone Prodigy particularly attractive to players with a slower swing speed.

Product Specs
Carbon Mesh Rim: Yes

Power Rating: 6.5
Surface Features: Grit
Silence Dampener: Yes
Surface Area: 82 sq. in.
Overall Length: 18"
Balance: Even
Grip Sizes: 4 1/4"
Weight Oz / Grams: 12.5oz / 355g
Core Density: Low
Triple Threat: N/A
Extra Holes: Yes
Beam: 19mm
Handle Length: Long
Grip: Durasoft+